Certificate of professional competence

Professional driver training is required to be allowed to transport passengers and goods by bus and lorry. Your basic training must be registered before the theory test.

Passing the theory test indicates that you have sufficient knowledge to meet the requirements for a certificate of professional competence.

What will happen during the theory test

The test consists of 65 questions in total, but you can score a maximum of 60 points. This is because 5 of the questions are sample questions and do not count towards the test score. To pass, you must answer 48 questions correctly. The test takes 50 minutes.

The theory test gauges how much you know in different areas

  • Advanced training in rational driving, taking into account safety regulations.
  • Legal Framework.
  • Health, environmental and traffic safety, service and logistics.

If you have difficulty reading, you can apply for an extended test time. The theory test for the certificate of professional competence can also be taken orally.
Adapted commercial driving tests

After the test

Whether you have passed or failed is shown immediately on screen after the test. The results will be sent to your email address. You can also download your results by logging in to the booking service. The results will show you how many correct answers you have in the various subject areas.

The Swedish Transport Agency issues the certificate of professional competence when you have passed the test.

Booking and paying

More information about the certificate of professional competence