Train driver’s certificate

Anyone who has completed training for the general professional qualifications for the train driver’s certificate takes their theory test with us.

Before the test

You need to have your photo taken at a driving test centre so that we can produce your train driver’s certificate. Photos are taken either before or after the test. Remember to bring valid ID with you.

What will happen during the test

The theory test consists of 60 questions, but you can score a maximum of 55 points. This is because 5 of the questions are sample questions and do not count towards the results. To pass, you must answer 44 questions correctly. The test takes 40 minutes. You can also listen to the questions in the test if you wish.

If you have difficulty reading, you can apply to take the theory test with an extended test time.

After the test

Whether you have passed or failed is shown immediately on screen after the test. The results will be sent to your email address, and you will see how many correct answers you have in the various subject areas. You can also view your results in the booking service.

You can apply for a train driver’s certificate on the Swedish Transport Agency website when you have passed the test.

Apply for a train driver’s certificate at the Swedish Transport Agency