Driving test with an adapted car

If you have impaired mobility, there is a good chance you will be able to get a driving licence as the car can be adapted so that you can manoeuvre it.

If you have impaired mobility and need to drive an adapted car, you have the right to take your driving test with us in your own adapted car. In that case, you should have condition codes in your learner’s permit that correspond to the adaptation of your car. These codes describe what equipment you need in your car, or what assistive devices you need to use to be able to drive. You may need hand controls for the accelerator and brake, or you may need to wear a prosthesis.

Apply for a learner’s permit

You need a learner’s permit to take a driving test with us. You submit your application for this to the Swedish Transport Agency, which checks whether you meet personal and medical requirements in order to hold a driving licence.

How to apply for a learner’s permit:

  • Apply for a learner’s permit from the Swedish Transport Agency.
  • Describe your impaired mobility in your health declaration.
  • Attach the health declaration to your application.
  • You will be contacted by a car allowance investigator.
  • We send proposals for condition codes to the Swedish Transport Agency.

What will happen during the driving test when you drive your own adapted car

The examiner will check first to make sure that your adaptation matches the condition codes in your learner’s permit. If not, you will not be allowed to take the driving test.

The driving test with an adapted car is the same as a regular driving test. The test consists of

  • safety check
  • driving in traffic.

You will start with the safety check. You will have to check things such as your car’s lights, wipers, washers and tyres. Before you start driving, you may also be asked to demonstrate that your adaptation of the car is working.

After the safety check, you will drive for at least 25 minutes, in both urban and rural traffic. The examiner will tell you where to drive and make an overall assessment of your driving. You will be told whether you have passed or failed immediately after the test.

Car requirements for driving tests using your own adapted car

It is possible to use a privately owned adapted car or van for your driving test. The car does not need to have dual controls.

For the car to be approved for use in the driving test, it must

  • be roadworthy
  • have approved tyres according to road conditions
  • be taxed, inspected and registered
  • weigh no more than 3500 kg, but there is no minimum weight limit
  • be able to travel at speeds of at least 100 km/h
  • have approved three-point seatbelts and head restraints in the front seats
  • have an additional interior rear view mirror for front seat passengers.

More information about the Swedish Transport Agency’s general requirements for vehicles in traffic can be found here.


Car – Transport Agency

Booking a driving test using your own adapted car

Contact our customer service team on 0771 17 18 19 to book a driving test using your own adapted car. We will need to know two things:

  1. that you will be taking the driving test in your own adapted car
  2. where you want to take your driving test.