To obtain an AM licence – that is, a class 1 moped licence – you must be at least 15 years of age and pass a theory test with us. This test is designed to demonstrate that you have the knowledge needed to drive safely.

Things to bear in mind before taking your theory test

  • The mandatory AM training must be valid before you can take the theory test with us.
  • If you are under 18 years of age when you book, you must pay for your test and the fee for the photo at least 25 hours before the start of the test, otherwise the test will be cancelled.
  • You will have your photo taken before your first theory test. Arrive in plenty of time, at least 30 minutes beforehand!
  • Bring valid ID with you! You can ask someone else to certify your identity if you do not have valid ID. You need to apply well in advance.
    If you do not have valid ID.

Remember to start reading up on the theory well in advance of the test. If you practise answering questions, bear in mind that the questions you find online or get from your instructor will not be the same as the questions in the test.

What will happen during the theory test

The test consists of 70 questions in total, but you can score a maximum of 65 points. This is because 5 of the questions are sample questions and do not count towards the test score. To pass the test, you must answer 52 questions correctly. The test takes 50 minutes. You can choose to listen to the questions in the test if you wish.

Your theoretical knowledge is important. You need to be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible in traffic. Thus, studying is crucial if you want to pass the theory test.

Here is a version of the video The theory test with audio description

What the test involves:

This test is designed to demonstrate that you have the knowledge needed to drive safely. The theory test gauges how much you know in five areas. Here are a few examples from each area.

Vehicle knowledge and manoeuvring

  • You must know how the vehicle works and how road conditions affect driving characteristics
  • The potential risks if the vehicle does not work properly.
  • The link between how you drive and how the vehicle behaves.


  • You must know how choosing different modes of transport can affect the environment.
  • How to drive your vehicle in a safe and environmentally aware way.

Road safety

  • The impact of applying sound judgement when interacting with other road users.
  • How to adapt your speed, vehicle position and other driving in various situations.
  • How different road conditions and environments affect driver behaviour and road safety

Road traffic rules

  • Road signs, road markings, speed, oncoming traffic and overtaking, loads, passengers and obligations towards other road users.

Road safety and behaviour

  • How peer pressure occurs, and how it can affect driver behaviour and road safety. 
  • How conscious or impulsive actions can affect road safety and the environment. 
  • How unwillingness to comply with rules and regulations affects safety

After the theory test

Whether you have passed or failed is shown immediately on screen after the test. The results will be sent to your email address. You can also view the results in the booking service.

You are allowed to drive immediately after passing the test if you have valid ID with you when you drive. If you have passed your test, the results will be sent to the Swedish Transport Agency. The Swedish Transport Agency will send you your driving licence within five working days, and you must collect this yourself. You must also present valid ID when you collect your driving licence.

If you fail your theory test, it is important for you to do more training before taking another test.

Booking and paying


Your AM training is valid for five years. More information about this is available from the Swedish Transport Agency.