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Which authority does what within transportation?

There are a number of authorities within transportation. Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, is one of them.

The new authorities cooperate with LFV (the LFV Group - Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services), the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency in order to simplify everyday travel by sea, road, air and rail.

Swedish Transport Agency

Transportstyrelsen, The Swedish Transport Agency is working to achieve good accessibility, high quality, secure and environmentally aware rail, air, sea and road transport. They have overall responsibility for drawing up regulations and ensuring that authorities, companies, organisations and citizens abide by them.

The Swedish Transport Agency

Trafikverket - Swedish Transport Administration

Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for long-term planning of the transport system for all types of traffic, as well as for building, operating and maintaining public roads and railways. The Swedish Transport Administration is also responsible for administering the theoretical and driving tests needed to receive a driving licence and taxi driver badge, as well as the theoretical test for the professional know-how needed for a transport licence and certificate of professional competence.

Transport Analysis

Trafikanalys, Transport Analysis reviews bases for decisions, assesses measures and is responsible for statistics.
Transport Analysis


LFV is responsible for civilian and military air traffic control in Sweden, as well as for safety and development of Swedish air space.

Swedish Maritime Administration

Sjöfartsverket, The Swedish Maritime Administration is responsible for safety and navigability at sea, as well as for building, operating and maintaining navigation infrastructure.
The Swedish Maritime Administration

The former Rikstrafiken, The National Public Transport Agency, works to achieve basic accessibility of interregional public transport via procurement, for example. It is part of Trafikverket since 1 January 2011.