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E20 Götene–Mariestad

The E20 is to be remodelled with a central barrier from the present motorway section at Götene in the west to just west of the Haggården interchange at Mariestad.

The road will be remodelled to 2+2 standard with the lanes in opposite directions separated by a barrier. A fly-over intersection is planned at Lugnås. No other roads will be connected to the new E20, they will all cross with bridges over or under the road. The old E20 will remain as a local road and will be narrowed to a width of 9 metres.

A road plan is being produced and a new consultation is planned for January/February 2020. The road proposal has previously been presented at an open house at Björsäters Pastoratsgård on 24 April 2019. Work is proceeding on addressing the viewpoints that have been received after the consultation.

The measure is being financed through the national plan with co-financing for the development of five main stages on the section from Vårgårda to north of Mariestad.

Planned start of construction is 2023.