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The Hässleholm–Lund Project

Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, plan to build a new approximately 70 km long double-track railway for high speed trains and fast regional trains between Hässleholm and Lund.

A new generation of railways - high speed railway in Sweden.

It is crowded on the Southern and Western Main Lines. New capacity with more tracks are required. The planning is under way for a unique venture on the high speed railways Stockholm–Gothenburg and Stockholm–Malmö. We call it A new generation of railways. A new generation of railways consists of several different stretches: The East Link Project between Järna and Linköping, The Gothenburg–Borås Project,  The Hässleholm–Lund Project and action selection studies for the Linköping–Borås and Jönköping–Malmö districts. Below you can read about the different routes.

The Swedish Transport Administration is planning a double-track for high speed rail and fast regional trains between Hässleholm and Lund. The new railway creates opportunities for faster journeys between metropolitan areas, smoother commuting and more reliable train services on the South Main Line. Autumn / Winter 2017 began the planning for high speed railroad between Hässleholm and Lund.

The Hässleholm-Lund Project is now planning the procurement of a localization study, the first step in the planning process towards a railway plan. The procurement of the localization study is  planned for the end of the year with attempt to have a signed contract in the beginning of 2019. During the localization study will we plan for the procurement of the railway plans. If you want to be a part of these procurements, you need to be registred in Trafikverket's prequalification system (TransQ).