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Fruitful meetings with the supplier market

In the spring, project Gothenburg-Borås met potential suppliers to provide information about upcoming procurements, and to hear the market's views on, among other things, the set up and time schedule.

How has the response been, Roland Mårtensson, Procurement Manager?

It has been good! We have met a total of 13 consultancy companies – eleven Swedish and two foreign – and the meetings have given us a clearer picture of the potential supplier market. We also believe that discussions with suppliers have helped us create specifications which are reasonably close to market expectations.

How much opportunity is there actually to influence the plan?

Quite a lot actually. We have gathered a lot of interesting feedback both extensive and basic which we have listened to that has notably affected our procurement schedule and formulation of tender documents.

The East Link is the Swedish Transport Administration's other project to build a high-speed rail line in line with the new technical standard. Can suppliers expect the same conditions for assignments in project Gothenburg-Borås?

Yes, our aim is to use the same version of the technical system requirements as the East link for the convenience of our suppliers.

Finally, what challenges does this project place on suppliers?

As part of Sweden's first high-speed railway, it is a project that raises some new questions. In addition to new technologies, I think that environment issues will also be a challenge for everyone involved in the project.