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Great interest in high-speed railway

Crowded at successful knowledge seminar featuring top-drawer lecturers.

High speed railways arouse interest! We can conclude this following the Swedish Transport Administration's knowledge seminar that was held in Stockholm on 3 June. 150 people – about half of them from the Administration and the other half from suppliers, partners and other government agencies – and 40 more on the waiting list testifies to a long-awaited event.

The idea of the seminar, initiated by Anna Forslund, Technology and Environmental Manager at the East Link Project, was to establish common ground to stand on and to provide participants with detailed knowledge of how high-speed railways can be planned and built in Europe and the world today.

With speakers from Germany, Austria, Japan, Norway and Sweden, participants were given presentations that included Germany's biggest railway project, ballast-free track, aerodynamic noise, trains developed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Norwegian high-speed study and Japanese landscape bridges.

"The overall experience in the hall with Swedish and international speakers of rank is a vital contribution in our efforts to create Swedish railway history," says East Link Project Director Ali Sadeghi.

Sara Distner, Project Director for the Gothenburg-Borås Project, was impressed by the willingness to share knowledge:

"There is a wealth of experience that we can learn from and I hope that the next meeting will be just as rewarding."

There will be a follow up to this successful event, promised Sara Distner and Ali Sadeghi while mingling at the end of the day:

– Next time in Gothenburg!