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This news is older than 6 months

The Gothenburg–Borås Project is visiting the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin

InnoTrans is a large trade fair for transport technology in Berlin. Procurement Manager Roland Mårtensson and Technical Manager Tomas Johansson is participating.

What are your plans for the visit?

− We are going to display our project for suppliers and tell them about our upcoming procurements, says Roland Mårtensson. We hope that the first tender can be announced in two years, in late 2018.

Who will you meet at InnoTrans?

-We will meet with different suppliers such as slab track material suppliers and contractors for the construction of track and stations. We have booked many meetings with suppliers from several countries and hope for productive meetings during the two days that we are visiting the fair.

What are your goals during the visit?

−We aim to meet as many suppliers as possible and give them information about the scope of the project and our upcoming procurements. We hope to make new contacts, but also meet up with existing business contacts. We also want to learn the best methods currently in areas such as tunneling and transition structures between embankment and bridge.

The projects´s Technical Manager Thomas Johansson comes by during our conversation and answers the same question:

− It´s very important that we can exhibit our project to several international suppliers and,  personally, I hope to learn more about slab track.

How important is it to attend a fair like InnoTrans for the Gothenburg-Borås Project?

 − I would say that it´s a necessity for a project like ours which is dependent on getting bids from international suppliers. And of course it´s a bonus for us who are working in the Gothenburg-Borås Project to attend such a large fair and see the latest development in train transport technology.