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Examples of models in tender specifications

The models below are samples taken from one of the Stockholm Bypass Project contracts. They encompass the engineering areas of road design, water and sewerage, road architecture, electricity and constructions.

The models have been developed in different software design programs, but to make it possible to display them using the same viewing application, we have saved them in application-independent formats – what we call the project's exchange formats – consisting of the file formats DWG (2010) and DGN (V8i).

Specification for Infrastructure model (RFA) and program extensions

Each model has an accompanying specification for infrastructure model (In Swedish: RFA - Redogörelse För Anläggningsmodell). This is a document which complements the model and describes, for example, content and structure, as well as stating the original design software file format.

Certain program extensions – known as object enablers – are required to open the models in this example. These may need to be downloaded and installed in order to access all of the information in the models. All the program extensions required for these models are listed in the associated RFA. The use of program extensions is one of the aspects of our work that we would like your points of view about.

Examples of models

The example below contains a selection of parts of a tender specification, divided into sub-folders that is organised in a tree structure.The example is to give an impression of the kind of information that can be retrieved from the models and what data they provide for calculations, how they can be utilised when working on the tender and what kind of skills are required to deal with forthcoming tender specifications.

In this example (and in future tender specifications) we deviate from ABT 06, the Swedish standard agreement for design and build contracts, as we are introducing an internal ranking under Point 6 - tender specifications. This means, among other things, that models and their associated RFAs will take precedence to drawings in contracts, the numbering of the sub-folders will reflect this order of precedence.

Please note that the models below are for this test and are only examples, they have not been quality-assured and may contain inaccuracies.

The example in the link below is a compressed folder, save it on your computer and then uncompress it. Open the folder and double-click on körmig. Please note that you may have to install some object enablers before opening the models.

Examples of models in a tender specification, (compressed folder, 282 MB)
Please note that the content of this file has not been translated into English.