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Environmental requirements in contracts

Here a compilation is made the environmental requirements that apply in contracts that are ordered by the Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö City Authorities or by Trafikverket, both common and supplementary requirements.

The requirements concern the environmental impact associated with the implementation of the Contract Works.

Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and the Swedish Transport Administration have together drawn up common environmental requirements and guidelines for the requirements that govern Contract Works. In the case of contracts in which the Transport Administration is the Employer, certain adaptations have been made to them. In addition to these requirements, object-specific requirements have been imposed.

Environmental requirements for which Trafikverket is the Employer.

Environmental requirements for Contract Works initiated after 1 April 2012

Guideline – General environmental requirements for contract procurement, TDOK 2012:93 (Word, 35 kB, opens a new window)

This guideline serves as a basis for the Swedish Transport Administration's requirements in contract procurements. The requirements are included as part of the Transport Administration's Tender Enquiry Documents.

General Exceptions from environmental requirements

Extract from decision made in May 2015 on general exemption from environmental requirements concerning synthetic diesel fuel (Word, 18 kB, opens a new window)